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What do media say about us?

"Hello Auto launches insurance products with a "smart co-pilot". An insurtech born to innovate in the insurance market and offer its customers services with added value. 


"Hello Auto declares it complies with Data Protection Agency for 'on-board' devices


"How to save on your car insurance: paying only when you use it. 
This insurer introduces a special offer for drivers who do not use their car on a daily basis. 


"Hello Auto, the car insurance with which you pay according to your driving
The company offered the insurance free of charge during the state of alarm"


"The Spanish insurtech Hello Auto has launched the first pay-per-use car insurance. Its policy holders pay a minimum premium per month with a small additional payment for each day they use their car"


"Hello Auto launches the first pay-per-use car insurance.
The policy Hello Auto Flex saves money for drivers who take the car on an occasional basis"


Why should I choose Hello Auto for my car insurance? 

Let us be realistic:
all insurers are pretty much the same,

but we also offer...

  • Hello Auto Connect for free
  • Immediate communication with emergency services 112
  • Saving on your fee every year
  • 100% digital experience

Haven't you heard of our insurance yet?

Hello Auto Smart

If you drive well,
pay less.

Save up to 50%  every year.

Manage everything from our APP

Hello Auto Connect free.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

Hello Auto Flex

If you drive a little,
pay less.

If you don't use your car, don't pay the same as the rest of drivers. 

From 9,99€ per month.

Hello Auto Connect free.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

Hello Auto Connect, the smart co-pilot, free with your insurance.

Your car insurance from only 9,99 € month

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