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Customised price

If you are a good driver, we will reward you with a discount on your car insurance.

Feel safe

Hello Auto protects you and your car 24 hours a day.

Save more

Yes. Our aim is that you pay less every year.

More than a car insurance

The policy that rewards you with saving, safety and connectivity.

We are clear

We don't have small print.
If you drive well, we will reward you.

Save with the same guarantee

Hello Auto provides the same coverage as the leading insurance companies.

What type of driver are you?
Do you drive habitually or little?
With Hello Auto there are two ways to save:

Hello Auto Smart

Drive well,
pay less.

Save up to 50% each year.

Manage everything from our APP

Hello Auto Connect free.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

Hello Auto Flex

Drive little, 
pay less.

If you don't use your car, don't pay the same as all the rest.

From only 9,99€ per month.

Hello Auto Connect free.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

No matter what happens, you are protected

On this journey, our co-pilots are the world's leading insurance companies.

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Our policies

Third-party insurance

This is basic insurance package. We will protect in case of an accident against someone and their passengers. If you cause damages, don' worry. We'll cover all.

Third-party  + fire + theft + windscreen

This insurance covers the same as the third-party package but, in addition, if your car is stolen, burnt or your windscreen is broken, you can have peace of mind. You're covered. 

Fully comprehensive with excess

Our most complete insurance package, which includes all the above mentioned covers and damages to your vehicle in case of accident, whether or not it is your fault. 

Get your quote

Let's be realistic:
all the insurers are almost the same.

However, we also offer...

  • Recording camera
  • Automatic accident detection
  • Location of your car
  • Speed cameras alerts
  • WIFI (optional)
  • And much more.

Groups of drivers

If you still want to get a major discount on your insurance premium, you have the option of taking part in a group of drivers. Because several drivers do better than one.

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Once insured by Hello Auto, you can create or join a group of drivers.


Have you had an accident?
Now filing a claim is a lot easier.

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Monitor all your transactions through the app

Now you can find out the status of any claim in the moment, bypassing telephone calls or emails

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Forget about the red tape

Fill out the accident report in only 2 minutes from your mobile phone, with audio and photos. It's not paper, it doesn't get lost. 

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Request your tow truck no phone call necessary

in only one minute.

No matter, wherever you are

Thanks to Hello Auto Connect we will know the exact location where your car broke down.

No more bots

Speed is crucial in an emergency situation. You need a tow truck as soon as possible and that's what you'll get. 

Track the tow truck

Through our app, you are able to track in real time the tow truck journey to your vehicle. 

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General conditions

Consult all that our insurance policies included in general conditions. 


Optional Insurance

In Hello Auto you have access to other types of insurance so you don't have to worry.


In case of an accident with an identified vehicle, we'll cover the excess of your insurance. In the case of unidentification, we'll cover 50%.


This insurance returns the quantity charged by the rental company in concept of excess.

The most advanced car insurance in the world

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