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The car insurance of the future from 9.99€ per month

The most digital car insurance with which you can now save every year.

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The revolutionary car insurance

Save money.

The first insurer with which you save money every year.

The most
digital insurance

We convert your car into a connected vehicle.


We protect your car 24 hours a day.

No more overpaying for bad drivers

What if your insurer didn't make you pay for what other drivers do? Hello Auto considers you deserve a customised price. That's why we're changing the rules.

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Your new co-pilot free with your insurance

Hello Auto Connect helps you in your everyday life. Find out how below.

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Your new co-pilot

Revolutionalises the way you drive and turns your vehicle into a connected car ¡TOTALLY FREE!

We keep an eye on your car 24 hours a day.

Hello Auto alerts you to any unauthorised movement of your vehicle. Additionally you can contract an anti-theft system for your car. Feel safer than ever before!

Learn all about your car and your driving

Keep track of your car at all times, monitor all the routes taken and get advice on how to improve efficiency and safety. Receive maintenance reports and much more. 

The insurance for good drivers, but...

Are you a habitual or an occassional driver? 
Hello Auto offers two ways of saving:

Hello Auto Smart

Drive well, pay less.

Save up to 50% every year.

Manage everything from our APP

Get Hello Auto Connect free with your policy.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

Hello Auto Flex

Drive little, pay less.

If you don't habitually use your car, don't pay the same as all other drivers.

From 9,99€ per month.

Hello Auto Connect free.*

*Installation subject to availability and stock of manufacturing materials.

What do the media say about us? 

“Coches con caja negra para cambiar el negocio de los seguros”


“Hello Auto lanza el primer seguro de coche que se paga por uso”


“Hello Auto, el seguro de coche en el que pagas según cómo conduces”


“Una conducción “eficiente” podría suponer un ahorro de hasta 100 euros al año, según Hello Auto”


The most advanced car insurance in the world

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