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Hello Auto Connect
Your new co-pilot

Safety and connectivity. We introduce you to the smart co-pilot which takes your car to the next level.

Revolutionise your way of driving

Free for you

Valued at 149€, but totally free for Hello Auto policy holders.

Installed by Glassdrive

Get it installed free of charge by Glassdrive, network of international garages.

Manage from the APP

Free access to your journey and driving info from the Hello Auto app.

Record your driving

With Hello Auto Connect you can record everything that happens while you are driving.

All your videos at your fingertips in the Hello Auto app

Speed assistance system

Know the speed limit allowed on each road and control the speed at which you are driving at any time

Automatic emergency call

In case of any kind of accident, the emergency services will be able to trace you easily

Don't let speed cameras catch you off guard

Hello Auto Connect alerts you to upcoming radars on your route while driving.

The first real digital insurance

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Keep track of your car

With the Hello Auto app you will be able to control the location of your car at any time.

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That's not all, very soon you'll have...


It is now possible for your car to have WIFI connectivity with 4G connection. Find out our fares to make your trips more comfortable than ever.

Valued at 149€, but FREE with your car insurance for only 9,99€ per month
Non binding. No small print.

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