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Speed Assistant

With Auto Connect you'll have a speed assistant that will always keep you informed about the maximum speed limit on the roads you are driving on.

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What's the Hello Auto Connect speed assistant?

How often have you wondered what is the maximum speed you can drive at while on a road? Be it because of poor signalling or because we haven't noticed, we sometimes exceed the maximum speed limit without being aware of it. 


What does the speed assistant offer you?

The Hello Auto Connect speed assistant provides you with all the information about the maximum speed on each road.

What's the maximum speed allowed?

With an accurate precision, it clearly identifies with a graphic sign, the highest speed at which you're allowed to drive. 

What speed am I driving at?

For further control, the system also detects the speed at which you're driving at all times. So, you can check you're not exceeding the maximum speed limit.

Maximum security

Thanks to Hello Auto Connect Speed Assistant, you can have peace of mind of driving without exceeding the maximum speed limits. This gives you the security you need while driving and prevents you from facing speeding fines.

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