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GPS Tracker

Hello Auto includes a GPS location system to keep track of your car at any moment.

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What is the Hello Auto Connect's GPS Tracker?

Hello Auto Connect's GPS Tracker is a system which allows you to know the exact position of your vehicle in real time.

Track down your car

Thanks to this tracking device, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is where you left it parked. You can easily find it if you don't remember exactly where it is or you'll be even notified of any unforeseen circumstances. 

Find your car 

With this system you will no longer have to worry about where your car is or be nervous because you can't find it. From your own mobile phone you'll be able to monitor your car's location with pinpoint accuracy. 

What does the GPS Tracker offer you?

The Hello Auto Connect's GPS Tracker provides you with a wide range of functions related to your vehicle's location.

Where's your car?

One of the most used is the geolocation of your vehicle, that you may check through the App, for example, if you can't remember where you had parked it. With a simple click, you'll know the exact position and get to your car without wasting time. 

Manage your geozones

Hello Auto Connect's GPS Tracker includes the the function Geofencing, with motion alerts. This way, you'll be instantly notified if the vehicle has crossed any of these zones.

Someone is driving your car

In addition, you can also activate vehicle's motion alerts and receive immediate notifications if someone has started your car or is driving it without your knowledge.

24-hour Security

A system that gives you all the peace of mind you want. All you have to worry about is to remember where your keys are. Your car will always be under control.

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