Your insurance from € 9.99 per month

Get 50€ free petrol cheque with the best car insurance on the market

What is Hello Auto?


The first insurance company where good drivers save every year.

Free device

You'll receive a free Hello Auto Connect device.

50 € free petrol

Once taken out your insurance with Hello Auto, you'll have access to a 50€ free petrol cheque to be enjoy at Petroprix petrol stations. 

You can save two different ways with Hello Auto:

Hello Auto Smart

Drive well, pay less.

  • You can save up to 50% on your insurance every year.
  • From your second year with Hello Auto, you'll get a tailor made price.
  • Hello Auto Connect free with your policy.

Hello Auto Flex

Drive little, pay less.

  • You shouldn't pay for what you don't use. If you rarely take your car, this is the ideal insurance for you. You decide how much you want to save.
  • Flex is different: it adapts the price of your insurance to how much you use your car.
  • Hello Auto Connect free with your insurance.

Hello Auto Connect free with your premium

Hello Auto Connect free with your premium

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Record your journeys

With Hello Auto Connect you can record your journeys. It also includes parking mode: the camera will activate itself if any movement is detected when you are not in your car.

Connect your car to your phone

Connect your car to your phone

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Locate your car

With Hello Auto app, you can locate your car in real time.

Get your quote from the most digital insurer

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We are not just any other insurer, we reinvent ourselves

We gifted the insurance during the confinement. If you weren't using your car, why should you pay for your insurance?

We launched Flex. The first car insurance where you save if you don't drive.

At the beginning of the year, we took on the raise in insurance tax. Thanks to this measure, our clients haven't paid for their car insurance.  

Are you a Petroprix customer?

Are you a Petroprix customer?

If your get your quote from Hello Auto app you will also receive a free spin on our "wheel of fortune".

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Call us at 954 051 095 and we will solve all your doubts.