Your insurance from € 9.99 per month

We care about your privacy above all.

We know many companies play with our data and information. We do not like it either. Hello Auto will never do it. Our commitment is to protect you, in every sense. 

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Your videos are yours alone

From your car to your mobile

Download to your app the videos of your routes in just a few seconds.

Private access

Your videos are kept safely in the assistant. Only you are allowed to watch them.

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You decide who watches your routes and where you have been: Welcome to private mode

What is it?

With the private mode you can cancel the route you are recording and it will not appear in your list of journeys. 

Travel with private mode

If you have the private mode activated, the location of your vehicle will not appear in the application.

Activate it in a second

Hello Auto Connect has a touch button to quickly activate the private mode. 


All your data are protected

We know how important it is for you that your data are safeguarded. 

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Data Protection Department

We comply with all the legal requirements according to the new data protection laws. We ensure that no one else will have access to your information.

Security protocols

Both the Hello Auto Connect Assistant and all our systems have implemented security certificates.


We do not listen to or record conversations

Many companies do this, but we do not.

Microphone: OFF

The microphone is only activated in case of emergency and / or when you need to call us from Hello Auto Connect.

Soundless videos

Although the assistant always records the route, the microphone is never on.

Connectivity, safety, saving.

Can we help you?

Call us at 954 051 095 or at 900 43 14 92 and we will solve all your doubts.